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Below you will find testimonials from some of our clients.

Case Study testimonial for The Rebalance Clinic

Gut Health Results


"Thank goodness for Claire."

"I have found Claire to be an amazing acupuncturist, who has brilliant knowledge and advice about how to rebalance and feel ‘normal’ again despite the many varied symptoms of menopause.

She has used acupuncture to reset my system, massively reduced my menopausal  anxiety and equipped me with knowledge so I can also help myself. Her advice about how to improve gut health has also been brilliant for both me and my husband who has had lifelong problems with IBS.

Her compassionate and uplifting approach is such a big contrast to many health professionals who just don’t have the time or inclination to help women navigate the menopause. Thank goodness for Claire."


Case Study testimonial for The Rebalance Clinic

sleep & anxiety


"I feel like a different person."

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"I started seeing Claire after being recommended by a friend who had found her really helpful.  I was struggling terribly with Insomnia, so I decided to try acupuncture again after having it many years ago.

I initially had 6 sessions, alongside gut micrbiome advice.  By the end of the course I was back in a regular sleeping pattern and my anxiety had completely gone. 

Since the initial course I go back once a month for a rebalance. I honestly cannot recommend Claire enough. I feel like a different person."


"Life Changing"

"Discovering Claire has been an absolute gamechanger to my life."

"I'm not sure she realises how much of a difference she has made, but also she may well be stuck with me forever!

My initial reason for my visit was to explore if she was able to help address some long term chronic endometriosis symptoms and to explore if any help was available to support my wellbeing in any way whilst waiting for surgery.

Claire has given me back control and given me hope when I was feeling really stuck and desperate. I have been able to control pain, bleeding and also gain a sense of wellness I haven’t had for such a long time. I have learnt so much about my own body, why some of the symptoms where occurring and new tools and techniques to support a change for the better – and where gut health plays a key part to this. I look forward to my regular visits, to have a safe space to share my worries, to heal and feel we are on a journey to wellness together. I feel confident that any new flare ups can be sorted, leaving the appointment feeling instant relief. I am very lucky to feel I have the support I need now, but also post-surgery and beyond."

- Testimonial from Vanessa

"Life Changing"

"Discovering Claire has been an absolute gamechanger to my life."

"I have visited The Rebalance Clinic a number of times and have had amazing results. The clinic is in a wonderful location and Claire is warm and welcoming and incredibly knowledgeable. I have had treatment primarily for menopause related symptoms and have had significant improvements . In particular with my hot flushes which were severe and causing major sleep disruption but have now stopped altogether.

I also suffered a major back issue which left me in serious pain and almost unable to walk. A visit to Claire and I walked out the clinic and managed a full day at work. Follow up sessions helped cure the problem. I cannot recommend Claire highly enough, she works intuitively with your body and achieves amazing results.

The treatments are not painful or unpleasant, infact I find them very relaxing. Couple this with the dietary advice and medicinal mushrooms that she prescribes and altogether it is a very holistic experience. Highly recommend."

- Testimonial from Andrea