Welcome to The Rebalance Clinic, helping women find rebalance through a holistic approach to health. Please note - We are temporarily closed to bookings whilst Claire undergoes her treatment for breast cancer.

As a womens health specialist clinic we work with you to help you find rebalance during the menopause transition, through your fertility journey and following a breast cancer diagnosis helping through your treatment and beyond. 

If you are looking to improve your holistic health, rebalance your hormones and build a toolkit for rebalance you are in the right place!

Our range of services are specifically designed to help women build an effective toolkit tailored to their unique needs. 

We use a combination of proven traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, the wonder of mycology (gut health), our own Rebalance fasting programme and hormonal blood tests and health checks to help women build their own rebalance toolkit for menopause and fertility.

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"Our unique approach helps women find rebalance. I work with my patients to build an effective and practical toolkit for present and long term physical, emotional and mental health"

Claire Hurst, Owner The Rebalance Clinic 

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To help you reconnect, rebalance and thrive

“By offering the ancient healing of acupuncture alongside rebalancing gut health we have found our patients have lasting holistic change“

Claire Hurst, owner The Rebalance Clinic 

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Claire Hurst

We work alongside our clients to create a bespoke treatment plan to help them find balance and wellbeing using our effective toolkit of advice, this includes Acupuncture, Gut health, Fasting tips for menopause and where necessary hormonal tests and health checks.

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“I can’t thank you enough. I feel like someone has switched the light back on in my life.”

Sarah, 51. Menopause Patient

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