the rebalance clinic yorkshire

Helping women find rebalance at key life stages.

The Rebalance Clinic are dedicated women’s health experts supporting you through your fertility and menopause journeys.

We believe in a holistic approach integrating the ancient healing of acupuncture and Chinese medicine, gut health (mycology) and fasting for our menopause patients, as essentials tools in your toolkit for success.


Are on HRT and still feel unbalanced?
Are you unable to take HRT?
Are you starting your menopause journey and have no idea what you need?

We can help. 

Our unique approach helps you understand the changes happening to your body,
empowers you to make simple effective life changes to manage your symptoms and our range of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine treatments help you find rebalance.

Our initial rebalance menopause programme last 6-8 weeks with a treatment each
week. During the sessions we will also build a bespoke toolkit to help you regain control and manage your symptoms.

"I don’t advocate unrealistic restrictive diets or crazy exercise routines we introduce effective and simple changes to our patients that can have a huge impact on their wellbeing. I see women emerge again, they are lighter, brighter and reconnected with their bodies."

Claire Hurst, owner of The rebalance clinic

acupuncture for fertility


Whether you are just starting to prepare for a baby, have been trying for a while or are on your IVF journey we support women through their fertility.

By promoting optimal blood flow to the reproductive organs, helping regulate
hormones and reducing stress acupuncture is an effective and natural way to support you through your fertility journey,

 Research shows acupuncture can be highly effective in helping enhance and support fertility and increases the chances of positive outcomes for couples under IVF. Incorporating acupuncture into fertility treatments can enhance ovarian
function, improve egg quality and increase the chances of successful implantation.

 For both men and women acupuncture can help improve fertility by improving sperm quality, boosting ovarian function and balancing the endocrine system

Gut Health


We are passionate about the role of a healthy gut microbiome to rebalance hormones and improve overall wellbeing. With our expert guidance we can share the healing power of the gut, explain the critical gut health connection and prescribe for you the right nutritional mushroom to support a healthy gut and promote healthy hormonal balance.

 Quality and efficacy is of utmost importance to us so all the mushrooms we prescribe are medical quality produced with pharmaceutical production standards. They have the highest standards of bio molecules, they contain 100% pure extract. They are approved to GMP pharmaceutical quality and safety standards.

The composition and quality is backed by clinical research and development.

They aren’t a coffee or a drink these are tablets from a leading biopharma laboratory.


Hormonal blood tests and health checks

As part of our holistic approach we offer a full range of at home blood tests and health checks give you a deeper insight into to your health.  

These tests provide valuable insight into your hormones balance, nutritional status
and overall heath. Armed with this information we can then start to create a
bespoke toolkit to rebalance. 

Our female fertility blood tests can help you to understand more about your hormone levels, ovulation patterns and other important factors that can impact your ability to conceive. 

For menopausal women our blood tests can look at your hormonal health. If your HRT is delivering the Oestrogen and progesterone you need, we can identify vitamin deficiencies, look at your thyroid health and so much more.

Why Choose The Rebalance Clinic


We have helped hundreds of women find rebalance - we bring a wealth of knowledge, passion and expertise to supporting your rebalance journey

Holistic approach

We believe in addressing the root cause of health imbalances by considering the whole person looking at physical, mental and emotional wellbeing

Personalised Care

We are all different, have different needs and different lifestyle. Our approach allows you to build a toolkit that works for your life demands and commitments.


We see incredible results each day as women start to emerge and thrive again as they find rebalance and feel empowered again.