Claire Hurst

Claire Hurst is a dedicated Fertility & Menopause Expert with a holistic approach to women's health, by using the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine, the proven benefits of acupuncture, the therapeutic potential of mycology, and the crucial role of gut health Claire has emerged as a beacon of support for women helping them rebalance their hormonal, emotional and physical health. 

An advocate for education, Claire is committed to demystifying menopause and supporting women in their fertility journey. She imparts her knowledge and provide a personalised toolkit approach for women empowering women to embrace this chapter of life with confidence and tools that work for today’s rushing woman. She stands as a guide and ally for women seeking to rebalance their
menopausal journey. 

Claire is chair of the Acupuncture Regulatory Authority (formerly British Acupuncture Federation) and was featured in Davina McCall’s book 'Menopausing'. She has been a guest on multiple podcasts and has written a course on acupuncture for Menopause launching summer 2024. 

Claire herself underwent IVF treatment many times and as a menopausal woman who can no longer take HRT due to breast cancer diagnosis has real life experience on the challenges facing women in menopause and fertility. 

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"The whole ethos behind The Rebalance Clinic is to help women in all stages of menopause. I created a holistic approach to help women build an effective toolkit to thrive in menopause) range of treatments that can help women feel healthy and balanced."

Claire Hurst

Like so many women, I hit peri-menopause head-on and had no idea how much it was going to dominate my life for the next few years. 

I just didn't know enough. It was pre-Davina and the now surge of menopause information, I was on my own. I had HRT but still felt like a foreigner in the own body and I couldn’t find the support I needed so I started to explore other holistic healthcare approaches I retrained and have spent all my time ever since researching and finding solutions for women so that everyone can build a toolkit to meet their needs.

Just when I felt great, had built my own toolkit I was then diagnosed with diagnosed with breast cancer and so had to rethink my whole menopause toolkit as HRT was no longer an option for me. This is when I also started to train and research oncology acupuncture and build a whole new arm to my business to support other women going through the menopause with breast cancer diagnosis.

After a lot of research, I gave up my corporate career and retrained in acupuncture, mycology and phlebotomy. I am passionate about the benefits that fasting can also bring women too.

"I see the power of holistic health for women every day
in clinic. Its not about huge changes but simple effective changes and building the right support and toolkit that my patients can incorporate into their lives"

Claire Hurst

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In Summer 2024 Claire will launch a course she has written for acupuncturists on the menopause. Get in touch if you are a practitioner and would like to know more
about acupuncture for the menopause.

Claire is qualified in:

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture
  • Auricular Acupuncture
  • Cosmetic Acupuncture
  • Electro Acupuncture
  • Tendon Acupuncture
  • Phlebotomy
  • Mycology Gut Health

Claire is a registered member of the British Menopause society.

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  • member of the acupuncture regulatory authority
  • Claire the Rebalance Clinic and The Acupuncture Association
  • Claire Hirst is insured by Balens
  • nada ear acupuncture by The Rebalance Clinic
  • wild nutrition stockist
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